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Three convergence is expected to break barriers, and the business belongs to the core of "secret war"

"the State Council has made clear the 2010-2015 three convergence road map" and "the State Administration of radio, film and television has issued multiple Internet TV licenses" and other policies have been issued, the recent progress of three convergence is remarkable. The results of the first batch of pilot cities of "three integration" have not been determined, and the news that the second and third batch of pilot cities are about to be introduced has long been rampant

now it is reported that the pilot work of three integration is difficult to promote, and the three integration coordination group of the State Council has not yet made an approval. And the list of the second batch of pilot cities, which was originally scheduled to be announced in early 2011, was also postponed

after the opening of the three integration curtain, is it gradually low-key now, and the follow-up pilot work in full swing in the industry as scheduled has disappeared? Inadequate policies and conflicts of interest force the three integration process to be slow? In this regard, although the government level has not clearly come forward to give an explanation, people from all walks of life in the industry have their own opinions

the progress of triple fusion is blocked

it is reported that the process of triple fusion is suspended when it is blocked. The three integration coordination group of the State Council has not made an official reply so far. This makes it difficult to promote the three integration pilot work. He said that he hoped to overcome the difficulties in the work through the pilot

during the two sessions, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the scope of pilot cities for the three integration will not be expanded this year, and the number of pilot cities will remain at 12. It is understood that at the end of September last year, 12 pilot cities and regions have submitted their respective drafts of the three integration pilot implementation plan, and the list of the second batch of pilot cities originally planned to be announced in early 2011 has also been postponed

according to an insider, "the plans of the pilot cities have been submitted to the relevant departments of the State Council since September last year, and so far they are still under the approval of the relevant departments of the State Council. The contention of the representatives of various stakeholders has led to the deadlock of the integration, and the radio and television and telecommunications businesses cannot be connected. It still needs the decision of the relevant departments of the State Council. Even the relevant policies involved may change in the future."

he told: "initially, the relevant departments have agreed that the content broadcasting control is fully authorized, but the operators are not willing to open to broadcasting and television for the export of Internet broadband, IDC, etc., and the two sides are still in a stalemate. The content broadcasting control is still the focus of competition between the two sides."

"at present, it can't be said that there are any abnormalities, and everything is normal. The specific plan is still being formulated, which is also a process of exploration, and many contents are difficult to define, which is also one of the reasons why the three integration takes time." Zeng Huiming, CEO of Zhongguang Xintong culture media Co., Ltd., said

the integration of the three has been introduced by the public to the policy level and has not been smooth sailing since its implementation

Wei Leping, director of the China Telecommunications Science and Technology Commission, previously said that the three integration is facing the risk of premature death. In the past year, there has been no substantial progress in the three integration, and the pilot progress has obviously lagged behind the deployment of the State Council

senior insiders pointed out: "although the three integration has been initially proposed at the theoretical level, it is very difficult to operate in practice. At present, after the list of pilot cities is down, in the first stage goal, the two-way entry of radio and television and telecommunications services and the uncompromising interests have become the core reason why it has been unable to promote."

Li Yizhong, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said on March 12 that how to separate management and promote integration is a gradual process and cannot be achieved overnight. However, he pointed out that the three integration is the general trend. III. substantial progress will be made in the "12th Five Year Plan" period

a relevant person from the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission said: "the report on the three integration has been written all the time, the meeting has been held all the time, and there is no sign of stagnation. Part of the work of the three integration pilot cities has begun to start, and the process still needs some time to be evaluated. In fact, some issues still need to be reconciled in the process of practice."

experimental frequency of the person in charge of radio and television network media: 0.5 (5) Hz; Zhang Jian said: "at present, there is nothing abnormal. The three fusion can not be completed in a short time. The realization of dynamic display, storage and printing of relevant data is still in the early stage of exploration."

Wang Zuoguo, the Secretary of Xinhua media, told: "at present, the company involves less business at this level. The three integration promotes the mutual business integration of radio and television and telecommunications, and the layout of radio and television system is accelerated."

The above failure phenomenon of metal caused by alternating stress

the dispute over business ownership has become the core of "secret war"

although the pilot work of the three integration has entered the implementation stage since the middle of last year, the process of the three integration has been greatly hindered by the dispute over the ownership of IDC and IPTV businesses

China Mobile has a solid advantage in the construction of mobile network. After the merger with China Unicom, China Unicom's position in the north and its control over fixed line and mobile services are unmatched at present. Although the two-way transformation has been almost completed, the voice in the three integration cannot be solved for a long time, which once hindered and stagnated the business development of Gehua cable in fixed line and mobile communications

the lack of access to IPTV's TV program sources, which are directly controlled by SARFT, can be described as "a worry" between China Mobile and China Unicom. It is reported that before the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine of bairuo instrument adopts high-precision load sensor for force measurement, 598 interconnected audio-visual licenses have been issued and 11 network radio and television stations have been approved

Boswell told: "if Telecom is combined with radio and television, there are many businesses that need to be liberalized. Radio and television can operate the telecom business, and the telecom industry will not be easily transferred. I think the best way is to solve it from the system, that is, the Ministry of radio and television and the Ministry of industry and information technology are combined into a large department."

once the actual three integration plan and pilot cities are launched, all cities are actively preparing. Beijing officially launched the pilot work of "three integration" in August last year. It is understood that after the pilot city was determined, many administrative regions under the relevant city responded positively and applied to be a pilot area. However, the specific plan of "three integration" has not been approved yet, and its business operation and other plans have not been clear, so that local governments dare not act rashly, and relevant stakeholders are "talking" and unwilling to give up "territory" easily

it is understood that in the process of the "three integration" practice in a pilot city, with the promotion of relevant matters under the overall arrangement of the local government, the major operators carried out the construction of the test. However, since the leading departments of the "three integration" the Ministry of industry and information technology and the State Administration of radio, film and television did not make provisions on how to implement the specific business, the operators all wanted to maximize their interests and had a big dispute, and the government had no basis to rely on, Unable to achieve a satisfactory situation of "sharing interests"

he said: "three in one is to build roads. On this information road, standards can be formulated. This is a good opportunity. There can be an access system to restrict some companies to protect their national industry. The current production equipment and standards of radio and television are all foreign, and the same is true of telecommunications. The key equipment is imported, and the standards must also comply with international standards, so we have the right to speak." China Capital Securities - Securities

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