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At more than 8 a.m. on the 23rd, on Sina Weibo, a video entitled "actually shooting a thrilling scene on the elevated Second Ring Road in Kunming ② and that the counter should pay attention to the set magnification car dragging people during the initial setting" was reproduced by friends

you posted a post saying, "there was a thrilling scene on the Kunming second ring viaduct. The car with the number plate of Yun * * * * * was running normally, and suddenly rolled up from the passenger car. The car didn't stop immediately. The man who fell down grabbed the door and the car continued to run! There was a car chasing in front, so hang on, @ Kunming traffic police made it?"

this video is 2 minutes and 05 seconds. The video shows that when a black car is driving, at the front door on the right, a man pulls the front door, twists and turns his feet up, and his whole body at the low price of the frequency converter hangs out like this. Then, a mini van flashed after the past. In order to better meet the international and domestic steel market demand, then, at the turn, the van stopped the black car. Soon, a man got up from the van, walked towards the car and opened the left front door. And that Miss pulled the right front door and didn't stop. The van driver pulled the car driver hard, "get up, get up."

the van driver in camouflage clothes told the passing driver, "he hit the car and wanted to run, so my daughter-in-law pulled the car. Please call the police for me."

when did this happen? At more than 10 a.m., the evening news contacted the traffic police of the Second Ring Expressway squadron of Kunming traffic police detachment. The traffic police introduced that the task was generated at 7 p.m. on March 22, and the address was on the second ring viaduct where the second ring expressway line B turned from shihugan to the target of Chuncheng road sign

before the incident, there was a scratch between the van and the car on the second ring expressway line B, resulting in glue on both sides. At this time, the traffic police of the Second Ring Expressway squadron are facing the lane (the second ring expressway line a), and they also see that Shuanggang is actually working. At this time, the traffic police received the alarm, because they had to turn around in front. In order not to affect the traffic, they informed the alarm person through the telephone, instructing both sides how to take photos and how to make quick compensation, so as to prevent affecting the traffic. Unexpectedly, when the two sides were separating the scene, the man on the van didn't let the car driver separate, so he lay on the car, so this scene came into being

the traffic police informed that the man was not seriously affected. After learning about the environment, the traffic police handed over the case to the Fude police station of Guandu Gongxun branch to stop the investigation and handling

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