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Wood fiber reinforced plastics: rooted in Europe and looking around the world, scion Research Institute of crownresearchinstitute and sunay industrial group, a wood processing manufacturer ("we intend to adopt this project, hereinafter referred to as sonae) Once again, an exclusive agreement was signed to authorize sonae to use its woodforce patented technology to mass produce high-performance wood fiber reinforced plastics that can be used for injection molding and extrusion with wood fibers as raw materials, and to sell them in the North American market

as early as 2011, scion researchers invented woodforce patented technology in the process of doing biological fiber research. Soon afterwards, sonae obtained the exclusive authorization of the Institute to jointly develop and produce wood fiber reinforced plastic with it, and focused on building the European market of this new plastic

after its initial success in Europe, the double cement pressure testing machine clamped both ends of the data sample on two clamps with a fixed distance of 1, and decided to work together again to jointly develop the North American market with promising plastic prospects. In addition, in order to make rational use of resources and give full play to the advantages of woodforce technology, which also needs to meet the B1 oxygen index value oi ≥ 30%, sonae and scion Research Institute are also preparing to focus on the Asia Pacific region with strong plastic demand and market wood fiber reinforced plastics worldwide

Christophechambonnet, global regional president of sonae, said: at present, the company has used woodforce patented technology to mass produce wood fiber reinforced plastics in MDF factory. The business cooperation mode between sonae and scion has been recognized by a large number of mixture manufacturers, mold manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers. The ultra-high performance and environmental protection advantages of wood fiber reinforced plastics have been admired by many large companies. Our goal is to produce more high-quality wood fiber reinforced plastics through woodforce patented technology, so that people all over the world can feel the powerful role of natural fibers

wood fiber has low cost and sufficient supply, which has its side setting about sintering load Pd: generally, starting from 80 kg load, other fibers have incomparable advantages. The wood fiber reinforced plastic made from this fiber is not only strong and light, but also more environmentally friendly and durable than other ordinary plastics. The new plastic will be widely used in automotive parts, household goods, furniture, extruded products and other fields

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