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Wood fiber is popular in the international market

in recent years, with the rising voice of global environmental protection and the fashion of natural green consumption, wood fiber is popular in the international market, because the market demand for thermoplastic composites made of wood fiber as the main raw material, such as fiberboard, wood flooring, PVC, PF, PE, PD, PS and thermoplastic engineering plastics, has increased rapidly. In the past, wood fibers have been used in thermosetting polymers for a long time, and the popularity of thermoplastic composites has expanded the demand for reinforcing fillers and fiber-reinforced products. Because the price of natural fibers, especially wood fibers, is higher than that of glass fibers and other general reinforcing materials, the corresponding safety protection has been increased for some locations where misoperation may occur and damage the machine. It is best not to rush to buy protective devices, which are cheap, It can also reduce weight and improve material processability and surface appearance, so it is more and more popular in production and processing and similar market consumption of filabot company

at present, wood fiber composites are mainly used in construction related industries as the basic components of the tensile machine industry, such as decorative materials, profiled products such as doors and windows, furniture production, etc. Taking the United States as an example, the country with the largest demand for natural wood fiber composites has 2/3 of the demand from the construction industry every year. In addition, this material has also begun to enter the automotive, marine equipment and other high-performance applications in Europe and the United States. It is predicted that the demand for this kind of wood fiber composites will increase by 20% annually in recent years

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