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Wonderware better serves Chinese customers - new address of the Beijing Office

recently, it was learned from wonder anti depression erware that in order to better serve Chinese customers, Wonderware Beijing office was moved from Fenglian square, which was originally located at No. 18, Chaoyang Menwai street, Beijing, to a new office room of 300m2, Zhongyu building, Gongti North Road, in order to give back to Chinese users the sharp price reduction of InTouch series products. At present, the Beijing office not only carries the business functions of the marketing department and the technology department, but also provides multimedia training for users

the economic crisis that spread in 2008 has put great pressure on all industries around the world. Many enterprises have encountered severe challenges in products, processes, human resources, costs and other aspects, and have been forced to reduce costs. At this time, Wonderware bucked the trend and expanded the area and functions of the Beijing office. Wonderware related personnel said: first of all, Wonderware is full of confidence in the recovery of the Chinese government and the Chinese economy; Secondly, Wonderware believes that the current financial crisis is both a challenge and an opportunity for the software industry. Wonderware occupies nearly 1/4 of the overall configuration software market, which can be called the first in the industry. It is determined and able to overcome this challenge; In addition, most importantly, Wonderware, based on the consideration of better serving Chinese customers, has set up a multimedia training classroom in the new office, which can accommodate 20 people, in order to enable users to faster and better understand and use wonderw's are software for statistics and processing of experimental data after the completion of this transaction, and build a platform for communication and learning between users and enterprises

wonderware is headquartered in Shanghai and has four offices serving customers all over China. Among them, the Beijing office is responsible for more than a dozen provinces, including Northeast, northwest and North China. Shanghai is responsible for East China, Chongqing is responsible for Southwest China, and Guangzhou is responsible for South China. The after-sales service teams of the four offices provide technical support to customers across the country, and the technical teams also provide pre-sales advisory services

the address of the Beijing office is as follows:

address: room 2201, Zhongyu building, No. A6, Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

postal code: 100027




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