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Women cheat job seekers through recruitment just to earn physical examination rebates from them

it's spring employment season, and the employment trap should be stabilized! In the name of the logistics company, post a post to recruit drivers in 58 cities. After the interview with the "company", the applicant is required to stop the entry physical examination at his own expense in the designated hospital. These applicants really don't know that the poster and the interviewer really have no task for them, and 150 yuan of the 298 yuan paid by each applicant during the physical examination has fallen into the pocket of the poster

On March 21, Zhang, a 31 year old man who participated in the design of this fraud, was sentenced to seven months' imprisonment by Fangshan court for fraud in the first instance. Constable No. 37 (id:zhonganzu37) of the serious case team learned in court that in four months, Zhang and Li cheated 48 job seekers and made a total profit of more than 10000 yuan through the rebate of medical examination fees

Zhang was tried in Fangshan court. Photographed by Yin Yafei of the Beijing News

the "unit" disappeared after the applicant had a physical examination at his own expense

in late August 2015, a young director who came to Beijing to work saw a message about the employment of a stack keeper in 58 cities, spending thousands of yuan a month. After following the rules left on the page, Xiao Dong got the opportunity to interview in Jingjiang logistics park

Constable No. 37 (id:zhonganzu37) of the serious case team recalled that after he talked with two employees of the other party, the other party was quite right. Among them, a man handed himself a note with the words Beijing Huaya hospital, telling him to go to the hospital for physical examination before entering the post. Xiao Dong didn't think much, so he followed the employer's requirements to stop the medical examination at his own expense

a few days later, after receiving the physical examination statement, Xiao Dong found that the morality and law of the employee couldn't get through. He went to the interview address of the logistics park and found that the building was empty

Xiao Dong remembered that a friend had told him that he had been cheated when applying for a job, and the plot was very similar. After verification at the scene, Xiao Dong's friends confirmed that the person and address who cheated him were the same as Xiao Dong

the gating situation of the two also had an impact on the shrinkage rate, and then the police called the police. Soon, the police uncovered the fraud and controlled Zhang and Li who set up the scheme

cheated 48 job seekers of physical examination rebates of more than 14000 yuan

at 9:45 a.m. on March 21, Zhang, who was accused of cheating, was brought into court by the bailiff. Li, a lover who should have been tried with her, will be tried two days later because he injured others while in custody. His interface is mild. In addition to cheating, he also added the charge of concentration risk

Constable No. 37 (id:zhonganzu37) of the serious crimes group learned that after Zhang and Li became familiar, they designed a fraud under the guise of employment, from friends to lovers

"he said that many friends do employment tasks, and many people also look for him for employment", Zhang said that according to the division of labor, Li posted employment posts on 58 in the same city in the name of a virtual metal component factory to recruit drivers and stack handlers. Act as liaison with the employer

"I told them that 6000 people are insured every month, and the probation period is one month, which attracted many people to apply." Zhang said that after contacting the candidate, she invited the other party to her rented office in Jingjiang logistics park and stopped interviewing the candidate as a "company task clerk"

after the interview, Zhang will give the applicant a physical examination note, requiring the applicant to stop the entry physical examination at Beijing Huaya hospital. "The cost of physical examination in the hospital is 298 yuan per person, and we have a rebate of 150 yuan per person."

the bank business records of Zhang and Li showed that 70 or 80 people came to apply for jobs, but the police finally verified that the number of coaxed employees was 48. The prosecution alleges that between April and August 2015, Zhang and Li cheated the 48 job seekers for more than 14000 yuan

"it's said to be a driver in a logistics company. In fact, there is no task." Zhang said that during the interview, he followed the normal interview process, asked candidates to issue relevant talent certificates to open the new year's Eve, and issued the new employee handbook. After the physical examination, many people practiced Zhang's heckling several times. When entering the job, they whitewashed the reality that there was no task with the words of the selection committee such as "full Recruitment", "wait again" and the attitude of hiding

a deputy president of Huaya hospital has lost his contact so far.

in the trial, the prosecutor also presented the testimony of the cashier of Beijing Huaya hospital, which showed that according to the peace talk between Li and the hospital, the cashier had entered the rebate into Zhang's account in several times

the inspector revealed to the constable No. 37 (id:zhonganzu37) of the serious case team that the spy part found that Li had contacted a deputy dean of Huaya hospital for kickbacks, and the Dean has lost contact so far

"now it's Huaya hospital that Li took the initiative to find. The hospital really doesn't know that Li cheated with Zixu style, so the hospital doesn't constitute cheating, but the hospital gives kickbacks and breaks the rules." The inspector said that the health authority would punish Huaya hospital for violating the regulations, but according to the current evidence, the physical examination given by the hospital to each applicant was true, and no physical examination was found

Constable No. 37 (id:zhonganzu37) of other serious crimes group learned that Zhang had broken up with Li before the case was brought to justice, and that she, who was already the mother of a three-year-old child, had also divorced her husband. Referring to his children, Zhang burst into tears

in the first instance of Fangshan court, Zhang was sentenced to seven months' imprisonment and fined 3000 yuan for fraud. After the sentencing, Zhang said he would not appeal

the constable interrogated

58 is the city and the hospital involved responsible

in this case, the employment platform did not review the talent and authenticity of the company and the published content; The hospital reached a secret peace talk with Mr. Li about secretly taking people to the prison. Are these practices against the law

Yin Qiang, a lawyer at Beijing Long'an lawyers office, thought that from a criminal point of view, 58 local stations knew that Zhang and Li were publishing job information for deception and still supplied them. If the information was published, they needed to bear criminal responsibility. The hospital is also the same. If it "cooperates" with the plaintiff knowing his deception, it can be identified as a deceptive accomplice; If you don't know, it doesn't constitute a crime

in terms of local affairs, 58 local stations, as collection service providers, if they know that the collection users manipulate t= (p/f) *sin a their collection services infringe upon the rights and interests of others, but fail to adopt the demand method, they should bear joint and several liabilities with the collection users. If the collection service provider tries to receive the notification from the infringed (victim) at the end of 1035, and fails to adopt the demand method, it shall bear joint and several liabilities for the extended infringement part

if the hospital concerned does not know the actor's deception, but its action of returning money to the actor can also be recognized as "trade bribery", there are clear preventive provisions in the anti illegal competition law and other provisions on trade bribery

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