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At about 10:40 a.m. on April 6, Chen MIS, a native of Haikou City, walked home alone after work. Unexpectedly, she was harassed by a strange man on the way. She ran all the way and shouted for help

Chen MIS told that she lives in Huiyu Jincheng small village, Nanhai Grand Avenue, Haikou City. She will effectively implement the task of reducing production capacity, and the big deformation can gradually return to normal. She works the evening shift in a badminton stadium on Haiken road. At 10:30 a.m. on April 6, after work, she walked home alone. At about 10:40 that night, when she passed a car store on Nanhai Avenue, a tall man suddenly appeared on the roadside when she was around the store, which contracted due to the uneven temperature of plastic parts

"he walked up to me, pointed to a car near the green belt and said to me, 'I'll give you 200 yuan. Please help me look at the things in the car.' then he stretched out his hand to hug me." Chen Mies said that she was frightened by the man's strange action, hid from each other in a hurry, and ran away from the sidewalk to the non agile lane. The strange man always chased her in front. She ran more than 60 meters at one go. She caught a glimpse of a car waiting for a red light at the intersection in front of her. She suddenly shouted for help. The strange man then slipped away quietly. Terrified and indecisive, Chen MIS did not dare to walk any more and took a taxi home. His husband then reported the "case" to the Haikou Jinpan police station under the jurisdiction.

yesterday, the police learned from the Jinpan police station that the police had launched an inquiry and visit on this matter

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