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Wonderware intelatrac won the product innovation technology award

on February 9, 2009, a business unit of Invensys announced the frequency converter cloth of Jinan gold testing machine, and wonderwareinlatrac3.2 won the 2008 "engineer's favorite Award" selected by the magazine control engineering. In the opinion poll organized by the magazine for engineers, wonderwareintellatrac was rated as the most unique product that serves the industry and market based on scientific and technological progress or innovation

"as in previous years, the 25 awards set in this year's' engineer's favorite 'competition received a large number of votes," said davidgreenfield, director of control engineering magazine. "Subscribers of control engineering have highly recognized and paid attention to 10 eintlatrac3.2 workflow analysis applications in wonderwar's large plastic market, indicating that their interest in troubleshooting such software is increasing and their appreciation of Wonderware products is growing."

wonderwareinteratrac3.2 will be highlighted in the February 2009 supplement of control engineering. The winners of "engineers' favorite" were selected by more than 88000 subscribers of the magazine, including industry engineers. The winners were selected from the vote on 86 products in 25 categories

wonderwareinteratrac's mobile solutions can bring operational excellence to customers. Its configurable software and shock-resistant mobile hardware enable workflow, program and general task management capabilities to focus on plant operation, maintenance management, product tracking and compliance applications

"readers of control engineering are experts in their respective fields. It is indeed gratifying for Wonderware that intelatrac can become their favorite product."

said stevegarbrecht, marketing director. "Intelatrac workflow capability is specially used to enhance production visibility and task execution in the industry and manufacturing market. It is an important indicator for mobile labor users to produce its Lego building blocks and other toy products and packaging materials.

" this award recognizes Wonderware's focus on customer needs when developing products. We will continue to work hard to bring innovative products to the manufacturing and industrial automation markets. "

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