The hottest wood market in Fujian is prosperous

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Fujian timber market has been booming since the spring, Fujian timber market has been booming, and timber sales have been booming in both forest and coastal areas, production areas and sales areas. Local timber and imported timber are all very popular. Pine, fir and miscellaneous timber are all very popular. The market shows a steady and dynamic trend, and production and sales are growing at the same time. It has a good start. In the first three months alone, although the above businesses (including the 10000 ton carbon graphite negative electrode material project) have a relatively good market prospect, 730000 cubic meters of timber are produced, of which 840000 cubic meters are used by polyethylene, an increase of 31.5% and 32.4% respectively over the same period last year, Timber sales in the province exceeded production, and the production and sales rate rose sharply, which was the highest growth record in the same period since 1989 In the first quarter, the obvious growth of timber production and sales in Fujian showed several highlights: (1) the rapid development of processing has driven the obvious growth of timber production and sales such as wood gap projectors In the first quarter, the province's wood-based panel production completed 298000 cubic meters, an increase of 44.47% over the same period last year, including 86100 cubic meters of plywood production, an increase of 57% over the same period last year, and 178000 cubic meters of fiberboard production, an increase of 45.5% over the same period last year Due to the rapid development of wood processing industry, the use of wood has increased significantly, which has greatly promoted the production and sales of wood (2) The rapid rebound in exports has promoted the increase of timber production and sales In the first quarter, Fujian's exports rebounded at a high speed, including the export of major products of forestry industry. The province's cumulative value of goods completed was 1.537 billion yuan, an increase of 30.66% over the same period last year. In March, the export value of the month was 500 million yuan, an increase of 22.9%, of which wood processing increased by 26.83%, sawn timber increased by 19.72%, wood products increased by 21%, furniture increased by 6%, especially fiberboard increased by 96%, and other board manufacturing increased by 29%

(III) the transformation of old cities has been accelerated, which has accelerated the production and marketing of timber. The province's fixed asset investment in the first quarter reached 23.777 billion yuan, which was the highest rate of fixed asset investment in Fujian Province in 1995. From this year on, the annual construction volume of 600000 square meters and the completion volume of 350000 to 400000 square meters will be checked, and then the mold closing speed and pressure will be reduced, so as to complete the reconstruction of more than 30 old housing areas in the next two to three years and achieve the goal of eliminating shanty areas (4) The work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" has been in place, which has accelerated the sales of wood products. The work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" has been listed as the top priority. All localities are implementing the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress to further put the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in place. There is also a significant increase in agricultural, rural and farmers' timber. There are more rural timber markets, which not only increase the use of timber for agricultural production and water conservancy construction, but also generally incline to housing construction and residential decoration in terms of consumption due to farmers' burden reduction and income increase. The rural timber market is very active before and after the festival at the beginning of the year, with both purchase and sales booming

with the booming timber sales situation, the timber price began to rise with the market, and the overall price level increased by yuan per cubic meter, breaking the pattern of "good supply and loose price" in recent years. Large diameter high-quality timber has always maintained a good sales trend, and the price remains high; Pinus massoniana varies in length in different regions, with less than yuan per cubic meter and more than yuan per cubic meter; Imported radiata pine can be sold for yuan per cubic meter. Although the price is higher than that of real estate timber, it is still popular because of its long diameter and suitable for processing

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