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Wood furniture formaldehyde exceeds the standard Xiaoshan enterprises need to improve their integrity

wood furniture formaldehyde exceeds the standard Xiaoshan enterprises need to improve their integrity

September 24, 2013

[China paint information] recently, an enterprise producing bathroom wooden cabinets in our district encountered a "thorny" thing: when the company sent the E1 level plates sent by the upstream plate manufacturers to Xiaoshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau for testing, it was found that these plates did not meet the E1 level standard at all, It is a lower grade E2 plate (E1 and E2 refer to an environmental protection standard of formaldehyde emission limit level)

"our products are mainly sold to European countries, and customers have high requirements for plates. If we use plates that do not meet the requirements, it will bring huge losses to the company." The relevant person in charge of the company is very glad to avoid this loss, but he can't help wondering: why is it so sudden that the upstream manufacturer has not cooperated for the first time

wood furniture formaldehyde exceeds the standard seriously

coincidentally, other wood furniture enterprises in our district have encountered the same problem. Due to the large price rise of raw materials, some enterprises use E2 grade plates instead of E1 grade plates in order to reduce production costs. However, due to the lack of effective verification means, the using enterprises blindly listen to the so-called qualification guarantee of the supplier in the evaluation of the imported raw materials. This also directly led to the formaldehyde emission of wooden furniture produced by export enterprises in our district exceeding the standard

furniture exports have always been the largest export in Xiaoshan District, accounting for about 8.3% of the total exports of the region. From January to August this year, 2745 batches of wooden furniture were exported through the inspection and Quarantine of Xiaoshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau, with a value of $70.793 million. The batch and value increased slightly over the same period last year, with an increase of 2.8% and 12.6% respectively. The main products are bathroom cabinets, office furniture, wooden doors, etc., which are mainly exported to the United States, France, Spain, Australia and other countries and regions

like many other export industries, the rise of various costs makes the profit of furniture export thinner and thinner. We not only have to face problems such as rising labor costs, but also the continuous emergence of "rules and regulations" in the European and American markets has directly affected the emergence of Chinese furniture just one day before the meeting. According to the sampling inspection results of exported wooden furniture by Xiaoshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard is relatively serious

according to statistics, a total of 407 batches were sampled and tested from January to August 2013, including 339 batches of formaldehyde and 68 batches of heavy metals in paint, and 11 batches were found to be unqualified, all of which were due to the excessive formaldehyde emission of boards, which needs to be highly valued by the majority of wood furniture export enterprises

wooden furniture exports "make things worse"

in addition to malicious replacement of boards by manufacturers, some wooden furniture export enterprises in our region are affected by trading countries and ignore the control of toxic and harmful substances. The relevant person of Xiaoshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that the exporting countries of some enterprises are mainly middle eastern countries, which do not have very high requirements for the quality of wood furniture, and only pursue the novelty of style and low price, resulting in the production enterprises not paying attention to the control of toxic and harmful substances in raw materials

the above people also said that foreign technical trade measures also affected the excessive formaldehyde emission of plates. Recently, the European and American export markets have successively issued new regulations, raising the threshold of wood products import again, making the export of wood products even worse. In the United States, after the European Union began to implement forest FSC certification for wood and wood products in March this year, at the end of May, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA proposed two more proposed regulations to improve the environmental protection standards of imported wood products

taking particleboard as an example, its formaldehyde emission is required to be 1000 times higher than the Chinese standard. After preliminary evaluation, if it is produced according to the new American Standard, the cost of wood-based panel is expected to increase by 30% to 50%, and the cost of wooden furniture based on wood-based panel will increase by 15% to 20%

national supervision and improvement of domestic raw material enterprises need to improve the following aspects: enterprise integrity

how to effectively control the formaldehyde emission of boards and improve the quality level of exported wood furniture within the jurisdiction? Xiaoshan District inspection and Quarantine Bureau also put forward relevant suggestions. "Once verified, the violations of laws and regulations that substitute inferior products for good and fake products for true ones will be dealt with in accordance with the law. Enterprises that cause serious quality disputes and problems due to illegal production will be exposed. If the circumstances are particularly serious, they will be included in the blacklist of enterprises, announced on the Internet and the media, and jointly supervised by the whole society."

relevant people from the inspection and Quarantine Bureau of our district believe that it is also a very effective method to better play the role of industry associations and establish quality integrity archives of enterprises. For example, enterprises found to be unqualified in product quality should be registered and classified so that they are widely used in sportswear; The company files that have a sense of comfort when close to the skin will be degraded or suspended for a certain number of times, and the corresponding quality investigation system will be established. In the face of the endless emergence of global green trade barriers, the above-mentioned people also suggested the establishment of a risk early warning mechanism to inform enterprises of relevant early warning information in a timely manner

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