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Sihong County, Jiangsu Province: the wood industry has achieved "cluster" development to improve quality and efficiency

release date: Source: China wood industry information

Jinsuo Town, Sihong County, Suqian, Jiangsu Province, through good publicity and guidance, policy support and nanny assistance, helps enterprises solve problems such as financing, production and sales, and promotes the development of wood industry agglomeration and green deep processing

optimize the layout of wood industry. The town has established a wood enterprise development association, built a green wood characteristic industrial park, paid close attention to the industrial agglomeration of the Meijin line industrial belt and the South and north industrial belts of the Qingchen line of wood deep processing, optimized the scale and layout of the wood industry, and promoted the agglomeration and cluster development of the wood deep processing industry

improve the functional supporting facilities of the park. Make comprehensive use of the park's stock land through public space renovation, improve the park's enterprise exhibition hall, small and Micro Enterprise Incubation Park, characteristic industry cultural experience center and other infrastructure facilities, and create a comprehensive enterprise service platform; Invest human, financial and material resources, clean up illegal buildings, renovate inefficient plants, plant green seedlings, harden and brighten inside and outside the park, build new fire pipelines, park police rooms, public toilets, etc., and make every effort to improve the environment of the park, so as to lay a solid foundation for enterprise development to improve the efficiency of enterprise resources and information utilization

Pioneer Industrial Development Fund. The town invested 2million to cooperate with the county Shengda guarantee company and set up a 10million Jinsuo town Shengda guarantee industry fund to help enterprises solve financing problems. Among them, every 1million loan can at least pry the industrial Invoicing sales revenue of enterprises to increase by 5. The projector technical index: million. Last year, the industrial Invoicing sales revenue of prying enterprises increased by 30million

strengthen project assistance. The town issued the implementation opinions of the people's Government of Jinsuo town on Further Encouraging the high-quality development of industry and modern service industry (for Trial Implementation), which supports enterprises in various fields such as capital, technological transformation, production expansion, education, transportation, housing, etc., and makes every effort to fully discharge the equipment first, help enterprises solve problems such as production and sales, and guide primary wood processing enterprises to transform and upgrade to high value-added green wood deep processing enterprises. At the same time, the town is actively exploring the construction of plate e-commerce service center to sell plate products, and "he Xiaoning, CEO of morfang materials, said to further improve corporate earnings

it is reported that Baimiao village in this town has 87 primary wood processing enterprises, with an annual net profit of more than 13million, which can drive more than 700 people around to find employment. Shen Zhuangju, a village with developed township enterprises in the 1980s, worked hard to promote the transformation and upgrading of primary wood processing enterprises after experiencing the pain of enterprise restructuring, ushering in the great development of green wood deep processing enterprises. At present, the house has gathered 8 Wood deep-processing enterprises above Designated Size, such as Xinyuan wood industry, Xiangtai wood industry and Hongpeng wood industry, with an output value of more than 500 million in 2019, which has strongly promoted the development of the regional economy

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