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Women in Chengyang Baolong Xiangmei technology spent 16000 yuan to buy health-care instruments. It's easy to pay money and difficult to refund money.

Ms. Wan spent 16000 yuan to buy health-care instruments

Recently, the China Consumer Association and the people's public opinion data center jointly combed and released the "top ten public opinion hotspots on consumer rights protection in 2019", including consumption problems in live delivery and the lack of refund for students due to the running of training institutions. At the same time, the routine sales of health products and various traps of purchase are still the hardest hit areas of complaints. At the arrival of March 15, we combed some typical cases, hoping to remind consumers to consume rationally and avoid detours in safeguarding their rights

promotion of health care products: it is easy to pay 16000 yuan for health care equipment, but it is difficult to refund the money.

recently, Ms. Wan, who lives in Chengyang District, called our newspaper to protect her rights and shouted, "I was fooled!" Ms. Wan told her that she was 70 years old. She usually didn't sleep well and often had backache and leg pain. For this reason, she has always been frugal. On December 7 last year, she spent a total of 16000 yuan to buy two health care instruments at Xiangmei technology's store on the third floor of Chengyang Baolong square. A staff member of Xiangmei technology told Ms. Wan that one can be used to improve sleep, and the other can improve backache and leg pain. "The instrument used to relieve physical pain is actually a gift. Although it is a gift, it also cost 3200 yuan." Ms. Wan said

it cost a lot of money to buy the instrument, but Ms. Wan didn't even have a receipt and invoice. "When I was paying, I asked the salesperson for an invoice, but the other party said no; he asked for a receipt and said there was no need to write it. If there was any problem, just go directly to the store." Ms. Wan said. "About the effect of the instrument, the salesperson said very well before buying it, saying that as long as you touch it with your hand every day, or even pass by it, the symptoms of backache and leg pain will be relieved." Ms. Wan said. But after she bought the product and used it for a period of time, she found it didn't work. According to Ms. Wan, the people who bought this instrument with her all reported that the effect was not good. For this reason, they want to return goods together. One of the aunts once contacted the salesperson, but was refused to return goods

on March 11, the salesperson mentioned by Ms. Wan was contacted and told that Ms. Wan wanted to return the goods. The salesperson told Ms. Wan that she had experienced more than half a year before buying the product, and the product was purchased voluntarily by Ms. Wan. She had repeatedly stressed and explained to Ms. Wan that the instrument should be used for a long time to recuperate the body, because the product has been used for more than three months and cannot be returned. However, after the intervention, when Ms. Wan contacted the salesperson again, she got the answer: "as for whether the instrument can be returned and how to return it, she has no personal say. She should report to the leader and will contact Ms. Wan after two days when the results are available."

on March 12, the relevant person in charge of the operation of Chengyang Baolong square was contacted about this matter. The person in charge said that if the product has quality problems, they can coordinate and communicate. Now the product has no quality problems, and the mall has not received complaints from consumers, so it is difficult for them to coordinate and deal with them. Then, can aunt Wan's return claim be supported by law? Zhang Gang, a lawyer from Shanghai jintiancheng (Qingdao) law firm, said that whether the goods can be returned depends on whether the three guarantees period has passed, whether there are quality problems, whether there are violations and violations during the transaction, and whether the goods sold have obtained qualified qualifications and whether the price is significantly higher than the price of similar goods on the market

it is a good thing for middle-aged and elderly people to love health care and health care, but we must remember that health care products cannot be used as medicine, and health care equipment cannot cure all diseases. We must also be careful about illegal publicity and marketing under the banner of "expert free clinic, authoritative certificate" and so on. 4. Pressure shear bond strength test of ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive (jc/t547 ⑴ 994 ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive); "Trap"

live broadcast with goods: quality problems, false propaganda... Various problems occur frequently

in the past two years, live broadcast with goods, especially red goods, has become a new outlet for e-commerce. Data show that last year's double 11 Taobao live broadcast led to a transaction of nearly 20billion yuan. However, with the rapid development, the problems of product quality and after-sales in the live broadcast delivery, the false propaganda of the anchor, and the falsification of platform data have also been frequently exposed and caused heated discussion

"lipstick brother" Li Jiaqi once had a problem with the "shape high-strength adhesive tensile testing machine" that was sold live and met the relevant requirements of the standard gb/t 7122. It is reported that in September last year, Li Jiaqi said when promoting a number one crab: "this is the number one crab, right, Yangcheng Lake hairy crab... Their family is now the number one hairy crab in Yangcheng Lake, which is the best, 23-year-old brand..." however, after receiving the goods, some consumers found that the crabs were of poor quality and different sizes, and the ring on the crab leg was actually made by this aquatic product company itself, It is not an anti-counterfeiting crab buckle certified by Yangcheng Lake hairy crab industry association. The customer service of the aquatic product company also admitted: "Yangcheng No. 1 is a hairy crab brand, not Yangcheng Lake crab. Crabs are selected from the Great Lakes of the country, that is, crabs all over the country."

stars and popular live broadcasts have "overturned" one after another, telling us that popularity and traffic are not guarantees of commodity sales. In the final analysis, live broadcast Hawking is a kind of "disguised" advertising endorsement. Whether a product will sell well in the end and whether it can be recognized by consumers depends on whether the product quality is excellent and whether the after-sales service is in place

purchase trap: the seller gives various "wonderful" reasons, and the delivery date is delayed again and again

according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, the retail sales nationwide in 2019 were 10632.4 billion yuan, an increase of 16.5% over 2018. Along with the increase in retail sales, there are also complaints about shopping

recently, Ms. Zhang, a citizen, told that she placed an order for a box of fruit and corn on Taobao last October. Originally, I thought I could eat it three or four days after placing an order. As a result, the seller delayed the delivery, and the reason was also very "wonderful". "At the beginning, I waited for a week and didn't deliver the goods, so I asked the seller why he didn't deliver the goods? The answer was that there was a natural disaster, and the corn was not mature, so I couldn't send immature dried corn to me, and I promised to deliver it uniformly in early November." Ms. Zhang said, "I think the seller's attitude is quite sincere, so I chose to continue waiting."

as a result, by the beginning of November, the seller still did not deliver. Therefore, Ms. Zhang asked why the seller still didn't deliver the goods? The answer this time is: "in case of frost, the corn has not grown well, and we have to wait another week." Although Ms. Zhang was a little angry about the seller's procrastination, she felt that she had waited for more than 20 days, and it was not bad to wait another week. But on the day of the agreed delivery, Ms. Zhang looked up and still didn't deliver. So she pressed the seller again. This time, the seller replied, "after the middle of November, the goods will be delivered successively according to the order sequence, and she also said that if you don't want to continue to wait, you can apply for a refund." Ms. Zhang said. "Why is it so difficult to eat fruit and corn? After waiting for a month, she gave three insincere reasons. In a fit of anger, Ms. Zhang complained about the seller to Taobao customer service.

now, shopping is everywhere, and related disputes also occur from time to time. When encountering sellers who are not sincere in resolving disputes, it is a relatively good choice to find platform customer service to solve them. How to operate specifically? Consumers can call within 15 days after the transaction or within 15 days after the successful application for refund Taobao's consumer complains or clicks on the complaint merchant under the order number and selects the reason for the complaint. After the complaint is successfully initiated, the consumer will receive compensation within two to three working days. Generally speaking, Taobao's compensation is 10% of the total order, with a minimum of 5 yuan and a maximum of 100 yuan; Tmall's compensation is 30% of the total order amount, with a minimum of 5 yuan and a maximum of 500 yuan

Lawyer Zhang Gang of Shanghai jintiancheng (Qingdao) law firm said that when placing an order, consumers must inquire about the delivery time clearly and keep the relevant chat records. Once there is a dispute over the delivery time, they can ask the merchant to return the goods. If there is a relevant loss, they can also ask the merchant to compensate for the relevant loss

training institutions "run": close classes, students have no way to refund

in recent years, the education and training market has grown rapidly, and training institutions are blooming everywhere, but the uneven quality of training institutions has led to various problems from time to time. Statistics show that there was a significant increase in complaints about social training throughout 2019. In 2019, the National Consumers' Association accepted 39486 complaints about education and training, an increase of 92.4% year-on-year. Among them, after prepaid consumption, the training institutions closed their stores and induced them to handle installment loans, which was a problem that consumers reflected intensively

at the end of last year, Weibo English, an old English training institution, highlighted the above problems with its nationwide store closures. It is reported that at the end of last year, Weibo English broke out a nationwide wave of store closures, and the branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and other places have been exposed to be closed. Although Qingdao Weibo English has not closed its doors or classes because of its independent operation, it has also been affected, facing the situation of employees' unpaid wages, student refunds, and operational difficulties

after the incident, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of education intervened at the first time. In order to ensure that students should analyze and adjust the verticality of the spindle and the test platform, and the coaxiality of the spindle axis and the lifting screw axis according to their situation, after two months of coordination and communication, Qingdao genrun Lide Co., Ltd. was finally promoted to take over Qingdao Weibo English. However, on the eve of March 15 this year, Qingdao genrun Lide education also stopped operating. When Weibo was shut down, 1500 students who signed a new training service agreement with genrun Lide education because of hopeless refund had to face the embarrassing situation of "no school to go to, and the tuition fee cannot be refunded" again

the chaos of Weber English is just the tip of the iceberg. In recent years, the education and training circle began to frequently stop business, default on wages, and even run away directly. According to incomplete statistics, since this year, more than 20 extracurricular training institutions across the country have "run away" and suddenly closed with internal pressure, mixed head state and mixed proportion. Parents may wish to check the official stations of local education bureaus before signing up for training institutions to avoid risks in advance

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