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Lamination of corrugated board, box joint and quality requirements

lamination of corrugated board

printed color face paper needs to be pasted with corrugated board. Veneering is one of the production processes of corrugated box. Veneer adhesive is an important raw material for corrugated paper mounting. The adhesive is composed of starch, water and auxiliary materials, oxidant (potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide), gelatinizer (sodium hydroxide), crosslinking agent (borax), defoamer (tributyl phosphate, silicone oil), desiccant, etc

the empirical formula proportion of the adhesive of the automatic mounting machine is: water 1000kg, starch 190 ~ 250kg, potassium permanganate 3.5 ~ 4.0KG, sodium hydroxide 24 ~ 28KG, borax 6 ~ 7kg, desiccant 70 ~ 80kg. Tributyl phosphate should be added as appropriate. Whether the proportion of binder ingredients can achieve the best process quality effect is also closely related to the actual production environment and product characteristics, which should be paid attention to

the veneering process plays an important role in the quality of corrugated boxes. After the color face paper and corrugated board are bonded, it is required that there is no obvious corrugated phenomenon. The deviation of the bonding rules should be less than 3mm, and the corrugated thickness loss after the corrugated board is bonded and pressed should be less than 2. The export proportion of emerging countries will also be greatly increased. During the bonding and flattening process of color face paper and corrugated board, the color graphics and texts are not allowed to have any damage, It is required that the colored face paper and single-sided Tyvek 40L also show better physical strength and air permeability. The corrugated board is firmly bonded to avoid degumming. The finishing process after veneering can ensure the normal production of die cutting

corrugated box joint

corrugated boxes are formed by joining the corrugated boards after die cutting and indentation with each other to form a complete combined corrugated box

there are three methods to join the corrugated box: metal nail, adhesive tape and adhesive. The metal nailing method is a kind of box connection method which is widely used. Metal nails are used to nail along the center line of the overlapping part. The adhesive tape bonding method is to use the adhesive tape with a width of about 60mm on the outside of the carton and take the bonding ridge line of the carton interface as the center line for bonding. Adhesive bonding method is to use adhesive to bond the paper. The so-called virtual instrument is based on computer, and the lap part of the box is bonded. Adhesives should have good viscosity, high adaptability to temperature and humidity changes, and can quickly dry in a short time. Most of the adhesives used are polyvinyl acetate lotion

among the three joint methods of carton box, the joint strength of adhesive is the best, the joint strength of adhesive tape is the second, and the joint strength of metal nail is the lowest. When choosing the jointing method of corrugated box, it should be reasonably selected according to the characteristics of the contents, the types of corrugated board and the production batch of corrugated box

quality requirements of corrugated boxes

the graphics and texts of corrugated box face paper printing are clear, and the color and luster - the manufacturer of repeat brand Unifi also participated in the activity of promoting recycling to young people, which is bright and bright, and the printing position is correct. The surrounding of the formed box is well sealed without loopholes; After the box cover is closed, there is no staggering and seam separation. The inner diameter of the box is basically consistent with the design size requirements. The box cover is not easy to crack and fracture after repeated folding. In addition, corrugated boxes should be jointed in a standard manner, with neat edges and no overlapping corners; The surface of the box shall be clean and tidy without obvious damage and stains

low price and short edition have become the mainstream of corrugated box packaging and printing. With the promotion of environmental awareness and market demand, and the continuous improvement of the added value of corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes will open up a new world for enterprises

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