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The composition of printing composite materials and the use of food packaging

the structural characteristics of composite materials in China are only 30:70. The main uses of composite materials are

moisture resistance and sealing of BOPP/CPE. The scope of the pilot test line of instant noodles is similar to that of daily chemical packaging such as Shenyang Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, biscuits, washing powder, etc.

BOPP/CPP BOPP/PVDC/CPP moisture resistance, oil resistance Oxygen barrier biscuits, dry food, candy

bopp/OPP pearlescent film moisture resistance, gloss ice cream, candy

bopp/OPP moisture resistance, shading puffed food, Cereals, tea, orange peel and other dry fruit candy

ny/CPE PVDC/NY/CPE heat resistance, oxygen barrier, oil resistance, puncture resistance animal meat processing products, ham, chicken, sausage, etc.

Pet/CPP NY/CPP PET/NY/CPP heat resistance, oxygen barrier,the Strong toughness, water resistance, high temperature heating food

Pet/Al/CPP NY/Al/CPP heat resistance, shading, oxygen resistance, strong toughness, high temperature cooking food (cooked meat products)

Pet/Al/CPP NY/Al/CPP moisture resistance, shading, decorating, heat barrier puffed food, cereal, tea, processed meat Dried fish slices and other dried fruits

bopp/Pet VM/CPE under the action of sufficiently large alternating stress of pulse fatigue testing machine

pet/Al/PET/CPE PET/Al/NY/moisture resistance, light shielding, strength and toughness, impact resistance, milk powder, coffee, pickled mustard, pharmaceutical packaging powder

cpe oxygen resistance Barrier

pet has been highly praised by customers/CPE PET/Al/CPE PET/CPP boiling resistance, impact resistance, light blocking yeast food, medicine


NY/Pet VM/PE impact resistance, toughness, shading, oxygen resistance, foods and beverages requiring pasteurization treatment

Pet/PE NY/PE PET/CPP, NY/oil resistance, low temperature sealing fried food

cay oil resistance, toughness Decorative frozen food jam, liquid, medical equipment packaging film, washing powder and daily chemical packaging

Pet/Pet VM/CPE liquid, cosmetics, shampoo

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