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Packaging carton component design (Part 1)

[Abstract] Based on the Packaging Carton CAD software, the hierarchy model of carton component design and 2. The lifting shaft and chain of the drop test machine need to be lubricated regularly; The method of realizing component design is illustrated with the example of box shaped large version

key words: Packaging Carton CAD; Component design

Chinese drawing classification number: tb484.2; Tp391.72 document identification code: B article number: 1001-3563 (2003) component design of packaging carton

Yang Wen Jie, Liu Hao Xue

(Beijing lnstitute of graphic communication, Bei closely follows the new round of technological revolution, jingl02600, China)

abstract:based on Packaging Carton CAD software, this paper gives a hierarchy model on component de -

sign of carton, method to realize component design,and an example of makingup cartons to explain them.

Key words:Packaging carton CAD; Component design

packaging cartons are widely used in modern packaging. The structure and shape of packaging cartons are rich and diverse, especially in gift packaging, handicraft packaging, cosmetics packaging, toy packaging, food packaging and other fields. But no matter how it changes, it will never change. For an integral box shape, it is generally composed of box cover, box bottom, flap, end plate and other components. Its structure is very strong. The ratio of yield point (yield strength) to tensile strength of steel, especially for pipes; Disc box. In packaging enterprises and box design centers, whether using AutoCAD, freehand and other graphic design software, or using professional box design software to draw packaging box shape and realize component-based design, it will greatly improve the efficiency of box shape design. In the research and development of its packaging carton CAD software system, Beijing Institute of printing has fully considered and applied this feature, including cartons, to achieve the functions of box component drawing, overall box drawing and splicing, box mosaic and so on. This paper introduces the implementation method of packaging carton component design in this system

1 hierarchical structure of packaging carton

for a box shape, as shown in Figure 1, it is composed of box cover, box bottom, box body and adhesive flap, so as to improve product quality. The box cover is also a combined component, which is composed of cover insert, dust flap and line segment. Each component is finally composed of line segment, arc and other basic elements. Here, each component and basic element are treated as an independent object. This forms a tree hierarchy, as shown in Figure 2

for different overall box shapes, the components are different, but they generally have a hierarchical structure as shown in Figure 2. The basic primitives that form the end generally include line segments, circles (arcs), ellipses (arcs), Bezier curves, etc. For convenience, you can add regular polygons, stars, hearts, wavy lines, etc. as basic primitives. These basic elements form the basic box components of the packaging box, such as cover insert, dust flap, adhesive flap, etc. Each basic box component forms a class, such as cover insert, dust flap, etc. Each basic box component in the class has different shapes according to the use, structural requirements, aesthetics and other factors of the packaging box. Further, the basic box components form the box cover, box bottom and other combined components, and finally form the overall box shape. Therefore, before designing the box shape, make some basic box shape components, combined components, and overall box shape for storage. When designing a new box shape, you can modify and splice the stored objects to improve work efficiency

2 component design

an overall box shape is formed by splicing components and basic elements, as shown in Figure 1. To realize component-based design is to take each component as a relatively independent whole (called block in aotucad) and carry out it to achieve better box design effect. This includes:

A. definition of components. One is to call samples in the part library; Another basic primitives such as lines and arcs drawn by drawing tools are defined as components by these primitives. Conversely, for a component; It can be disassembled and restored to entity

b. geometric transformations such as component movement, expansion, rotation and mirroring, as well as the realization of component object replication

c. modification of components, such as modifying the attributes of the elements that make up the components, adding or deleting elements, etc. The key of component design is to make the component objects generated by calling the same component can be modified at the same time. In other words, when you want to modify a component, the component objects that reference this component must be modified

d. nesting of components. A component can call other component objects as its child objects

(to be continued)

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