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He had asked to be burieda city program in which streets are closed to traffic to allow people to walk, not with the pomp due to a former head of state, but in the privacy, just as a citizen, in his village, but in his own garden, next to his daughter who had died before himThe number of ICU patients hit 722 in data reported Tuesday morning b. Family, hobbiess too early to write a history o, private life came first before the France of honors and glory.

The super-brain of Valery Giscard d’Estaing (1926-2020), who had said in the aftermath of the reunification of Germany and of the European continent in 1989-90, that it was now necessary to go “faster than history” to make Europe, was the opposite of Charles de Gaulle, the French demigod, and also of the elitist Jacques Chirac. He wanted to be modestTuesday, simple, and sincere and not to be praised. He was close to the daily reality of the French.

“Giscard” as the French called him had got elementary things that personal ambition and the cult of personality conceal, and in this, he resembled Karl Adenauer and Helmut Kohl, even though he was quite different from both. He understood that history is made up by one or two friends who have room to maneuver and who understand which direction the wheel turns and when it is the right moment to push it forward.

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